Led Lighting Facts.

Led lighting is slowly becoming the lighting option of choice over halogen and florescent lighting in homes and offices all over the country. Its easy to see why with the huge energy savings along with the longer lamp life, although lamps/fittings can initially cost a lot more than their halogen or florescent equivalents that can be offset against the savings you will see in your electricity bills. Also with many lamps having between a 3 and 7 year guarantee you can see why Led’s are becoming so popular.

A few things to look out for when purchasing Led lamps are power consumption doesn’t always equal light output, so just because one lamp might be 9 watts and another 5 watts it doesn’t necessarily mean that the 9 watt lamp will be brighter. Lumen output per watt and total lumen output need to be taken into account along with the quality of the Led chips used in the lamp, the lens used and heat dissipation of the lamp will all be factors of how bright a light will be. It is definitely worth spending a little bit more and investing in a good quality lamp and reaping the benefits of the energy savings along with a great light output.